Koija Starbeds

Photo credit: J Spilsbury

Koija Starbeds At a Glance

Explore Koija Starbeds from a birds-eye view in this short video

The Koija Starbeds are something really very special. They are set on raised platform overlooking the mighty Ewaso Nyiro river and the landscape beyond. The room is partly covered by a thatch roof, under which rests the weirdest sleeping contraption you’re ever likely to encounter. 

The double beds can be wheeled out into the open for a night of sleeping in the open air under the twinkling stars, safely cloaked in a big mosquito net. The owners and indeed hosts of the starbeds are the local Laikipiak Maasai.

What our guests say…

Reservation Request

Please complete the reservation request form to enable us to process your reservation. We will contact you to confirm your reservation. Should you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us direct at +254701295357 or email tourism@nrt-kenya.org 



  • 2 double rooms and one large two bedroom banda; each bedroom has a double and single bed.
  • Each banda has an ensuite bathroom with a shower, sink and flushing toilet
  • Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, cooker and all utensils
  • Fully equipped lounge/dining room with crockery and cutlery and glasses and fridge
  • Fully staffed



  • Nature Walks
  • Hiking
  • Fishing (bring your own equipment)
  • Camel treks and cultural immersions



Name: Rapasi Henry
Designation: Chef
Mobile: 0726426380

Rapasi Henry Naiputar is 38 years old, married with 2 wives and 8 children. He is a member of Koija community. He previously worked as a chef at Loisaba and Karisa safaris.
Name: Andrew Lemiliko
Designation: Room Steward
Mobile: 0729783271

Lemiliko is 40 years old and from the host community. He previously worked at Koija starbeds and Loisaba, in housekeeping. He is married with 4 children
Name: Philip Rapson
Designation: Food & Beverage Waiter
Mobile: 0798399519

Rapson is 37 years old, married with 8 children. He is In charge of food & beverages. He gained his skills both at koija and Loisaba.



Koija Airstrip Coordinates
0°32’43.0″N 36°51’47.0″E
0.545278, 36.863056

Click here for Koija Star Beds Airstrip chart.

0 KM Turn left (When coming from Nairobi) or turn right (When coming from Isiolo/Meru side) at Total petrol station, off the main road from Nairobi onto the Doldol road

8.8 KM Turn right at Maiyan signpost

15.5 KM Ignore tarmarc on the right, carry on straight

22.0 KM Carry on straight past doldol post to the right, take the left

31.8 KM Straight on past EL K sign on the left

40.2 KM Cross bridge at Mpala

40.4 KM T-junction – turn left

41.0 KM Turn right at fork – Mpala on the left

47.9 KM Drive past radio mast station on the right

48.0 KM Stay left on the v- fork

52.4 KM Drive past the” wildlife go slow” sign

56.6 KM Drive past the Asante sign

59.2 KM Old white sign with black and yellow stripped polls on the right. Turn right immediately after the sign.

60.7 KM Stay on right fork, go under the electricity pylons, and follow the pylons which are on your left

65.8 KM Back under the pylons – you can now see a white shack on the right

66.8 KM Cross the bridge at Il motiok centre

67.7 KM Turn left onto a small dirt track

69.3 KM Riverbed

72.7 KM Left fork

73.0 KM Left onto a main dirt road

73.9 KM Riverbed

75.0 KM Water tank and a brick building (School like) on the left

78.4 KM Turn left

78.8 KM Turn left

79.0 KM Long sandy riverbed

83.2 KM Bear right

83.5 KM Koija Star Beds



Non-resident Adults: 75 USD per person per night
Children (Between 12 years and 5 years): 37.50 USD per child per night

Resident Adults: 4000 Kes per person per night
Children (Between 12 years and 5 years): 2000 Kes per child per night

If all the beds are fully booked and paid for, extras will only pay conservation fees for pitching their tents outside as follows:

Non-resident Adults: 37.50 USD per person per night
Children (Between 12 years and 5 years): 18.75 USD per child per night

Resident Adults: 2000 Kes per person per night
Children (Between 12 and 5 years): 1000 Kes per child per night

Children under 5 years are free of charge

For hikes and nature walks – we recommend that you use a community conservancy ranger for 1000 Kes per trip. This is paid directly to the ranger involved.



Call/WhatsApp us on 0701295357 or email us at tourism@nrt-kenya.org

All payments MUST be paid via M-PESA Paybill Number 522522 Account Number 1288156383



Bookings are accepted on the condition that guests have their own comprehensive travel insurance.

Proof of residency in Kenya will be required in order for guests to qualify for resident rate

Guests are required to complete an Indemnity form on check in.

Room checkout time is 10am on the day of departure.

All rates quoted are inclusive of taxes and service charge.

Liability – all bookings are accepted on the specific condition that all our bandas assumes no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accident or delay to person or property whilst staying at the facility

Payment Terms:

Your booking is confirmed ONLY when paid in full.


Under 7days or more 50% of the full amount forfeited

Within 72hrs of arrival 100% is forfeited.

NOTE: Guests acknowledge that they are choosing to book and stay in a wilderness area with inherent possible dangers of which they must take care.

Covid-19 Policies:

Arrival/Check-in –At the mess area guests are sanitized once again, temperatures read by contactless thermometers.

Social Distancing – All staff will be wearing masks; our guests are requested to wear masks when moving around public areas but not in rooms or when stationary. Guests will have a temperature check on entry to the dining room in the mornings.

Entry to the banda area is only permitted with a confirmed booking so as to limit numbers at all times.

General Staff Policy – All staff to have had a Covid test before reporting back to work.  Temperatures taken daily and staff feeling ill are not to report to work but to advise the community conservancy management and go directly to the nearest health facility. All staff live in the area and travel is restricted.

Mess Area Policy – The mess area is disinfected every morning at 0600.  Tables and chairs sprayed with sanitizer before use each day and again after use by clients before another client uses it.

All meals are served at the dining table by masked staff.  Soap and water provided to guests at entry to the dining.  Tables and chairs set out and distanced by measurement to ensure minimum of 1.5 meters between people.

Housekeeping for Rooms – Daily room cleaning but with staff member masked. Sanitizer sprayed on exit.

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