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Lone Paradise Lost – calls of the wild North

Lone Paradise Lost – calls of the wild North

There is chaos and pandemonium. Hooting cars. Screaming touts. Crowded streets. Pick pockets. Violent robbers. Air filled with smoke. Car smoke. Garbage smoke. All kinds of smoke. A life surrounded by concrete and metal and plastic.

Then there is serenity. Peace. Calm. Freshness. A life surrounded by life itself: trees of all kinds. Animals. A self-perpetrating cycle of life.

The North of Kenya, beyond usually roundly reported scathing drought and conflict, offers sites that are abundantly rich and rewarding. The contours so naturally formed, an extension of the Great Rift Valley, are not only breathtaking to the sight, but are also home to the best drives one can ever ask for. It offers miles upon miles of great drives, alternating climatic conditions and a consistency of warmth of a people whose hospitality is undefiled.

Not just that, if drives are not your thing, then you’d want to try flying up North.  Service providers in this area are not in short supply as tens of them have various packages that will most definitely cater for your needs to almost the specific detail. The sight below will not only amaze you in its variety of flora and fauna, but will also entice you to take another and yet another trip by air above the land.

Far away from the chaos that characterize the urban centers where most of us are based, the North of Kenya offers serenity undefiled, just punctuated by the roars of lions, the gentle chirps of birds and the hisses of cheetahs. The blowing winds bringing further sweetness to the ear, and the freshness of life.

Away from the toxic airs of the urban, the North of Kenya let’s you breath pure, air straight from a diverse species of trees, grasses, bushes and shrubs.

Lovers of bonfires have an abundance of area to practice their wizardry free, and so are the darlings of a walk in the park or those who want to have a field in the wild.

Away from the flora and fauna, The North of Kenya offers an authentic cultural touch. Samburu and Rendille dances in the setting evening sun, or tales around a night fire, immortalized by tasty bites of roast Borana bull beef or Gabbra chevon, or fresh Rendille camel milk.

You have naturally made beads for beauty, pieces of souvenir that will only keep you coming back, and then of course the safety of knowing you are not in harm’s way.

There is chaos and pandemonium. And then there is serenity. The North offers you serenity, but the choice is surely yours!

Blog post by Rufo Roba

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