Riding High Kenya -Unique Experiences

Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, is graced with amazing biodiversity and breath-taking natural beauty. Standing at 5,199m this magnificent mountain features a kaleidoscope of landscapes from dense, ancient forest and rugged moorlands to snow-capped peaks and icy tarns. Uniquely though and in contrast to its alpine characteristics, it is also home to many of Africa’s iconic wildlife species such as buffalo, zebra, elephant and leopard.

What better way to discover the magic of this ancient and unspoiled wilderness and feel in harmony with the natural world than from the back of a horse?

Our horse safaris are aimed at accomplished riders who are lovers of wilderness and are looking for a unique and inspiring adventure. Most of our equipment and supplies are carried by pack horses for a truly wild and natural experience. 

Safari packages range from 3 to 7 nights for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 guests.  They can be tailor-made to include trout fishing in the lakes, hiking to the summit of Point Lenana and scenic helicopter flights.  We also offer day rides within the forest and up onto the moorlands of the mountain. Lunch can be a basic picnic which we carry with us in saddlebags or there is a luxury option where lunch is taken seated at a table in a secluded glade with alcoholic refreshments included.

Image Credits: Riding High Kenya

For more information or to book an adventure with Riding High Kenya please visit the website www.ridinghighkenya.com

Melakos Banda open Now!

A secret gem.


Melako Bandas is a self-catering banda set in the shade of Doum Palms and acacia trees on a stunning sand river. It is a fantastic little private paradise; a perfect little gate away for family and friends with an open area living room, a fully furnished kitchen and two en-suite bedrooms with three beds in each.