Olgaboli Bandas Bandas

Ol Gaboli, meaning fig tree in Maasai, describes the location of these self-catering bandas which nestle under the branches of the largest and oldest fig tree in the area. On the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, the lodge is in the 15,000-acre Naibunga Lower Community Conservancy. It is managed by an all-women pastoralist group.

Revenue collected from the lodge is used for community projects like education, drinking water, basic sanitation and health facilities support.

Ol Gaboli Community Lodge is 75km from Nanyuki and 4WD vehicles are essential.


There are 4 en-suite bandas, all built from local stone with thatched roofs. Each banda can sleep 3 pax. There is an open plan lounge, dining area with a bottle fridge, sitting, a dining table and a fully equipped kitchen.

There are three essential staff – that is a chef, f&b waiter and a room steward based at the camp who will make your stay comfortable at no extra cost. feel free to tip them. Whilst tipping is certainly not obligatory, it would be much appreciated by the staff.

Meet The Team

Screen 1
Name: Eliza Sharon Samaita
Designation: Room Steward
Mobile: 0792870289
Eliza is 30 years old and a mother
of three (2 girls and one boy).
She is a Laikipiak Maasai from
Il motiok location close to the bandas

Screen 1
Name: Jacob Mandela
Designation: Chef
Mobile: 0717337422
Mandela started as a chef at
Olentile sanctuary and later spent
more than three years in the
same capacity at Mpala research centre.
He is a Laikipiak Maasai from Il Motiok
location. He is 23 years old and holds
a certificate in catering.
Just as his name suggests,you will definitely
recognize his warmth
and charisma around the camp.

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Name: Emmanuel Miliko
Designation: Food & Beverage
Mobile: 0796743541
At 25yrs of age, Emmanuel has 10
years of experience; he worked at
segera as a tourism landscaping
person, asa walking safari guide
with Karisia safari,as a safari guide
driver in Mugie Ranch and the
Maasai mara and finally worked as a
field guide assistant at Mpala research
centre before joining Olgaboli bandas.
He is enthusiastic about coming back home
to support his community.

  1. Hiking
  2. Game viewing
  3. Bird watching
  4. Cultural immersions
  5. Camel treks


DIRECTIONS FROM NANYUKI TO OLGABOLI BANDAS Click here for a sketch map KM 00   Turn left (When coming from Nairobi) or turn right (when coming from Isiolo/ Meru side) at Total petrol                station, off the main road from Nairobi onto the Doldol road 8.8  Turn right at Maiyan signpost 15.5  Ignore tarmac on the right, carry on straight 22.0  Carry on straight past doldol post to the right, take the left 31.8 Straight on past EL K sign on the left 40.2 Cross bridge at Mpala 40.4 T-junction – turn left 41.0 Turn right at fork – Mpala on the left 47.9 Drive past radio mast station on the right 48.0 Stay left on the v- fork 52.4 Drive past the” wildlife go slow” sign 56.6 Drive past the Asante sign 59.2 Old white sign with black and yellow striped polls on the right. Turn right immediately after the sign. 60.7 Stay on the right fork, go under the electricity pylons and follow the pylons which are on your left 65.8 Back under the pylons – you can now see a white shack on the right 66.8 Cross the bridge (With black and yellow-painted polls) at Il motiok centre 70.3  Branch right 70.4 Take the right fork 73.3  Drive through the riverbed 73.7  Drive through a small riverbed 75.2  Arrive at Electic fence 75.4  Olgaboli Bandas  

Call us on 0701295357 or email us at tourism@nrt-kenya.org

Call us on 0701295357 or email us at tourism@nrt-kenya.org

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Melako Bandas is a self-catering banda set in the shade of Doum Palms and acacia trees on a stunning sand river. It is a fantastic little private paradise; a perfect little gate away for family and friends with an open area living room, a fully furnished kitchen and two en-suite bedrooms with three beds in each.