Naibunga Conservancy Community Conservancy

Naibunga Conservancy is the collective effort of nine Maasai group ranches in the western region of the Mukogodo Division in Laikipia. Community members realised the need for conservation efforts in the area as increasing numbers of people and livestock coupled with persistent droughts were severely damaging the rangeland. The ranches came to the agreement that by combining land and natural resources, their cattle, wildlife, livelihoods and collective rangeland stood to benefit. The official Naibunga HQ was opened in April 2015.

Visit the conservancy and stay at these amazing community-owned, led and managed bandas:

Get off the beaten track and visit Naibunga Conservancy, one can camp in the following campsites

In Naibunga Upper Conservancy

In Naibunga Lower Conservancy

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Image Credits: Naibunga Conservancy 


Melakos Banda open Now!

A secret gem.


Melako Bandas is a self-catering banda set in the shade of Doum Palms and acacia trees on a stunning sand river. It is a fantastic little private paradise; a perfect little gate away for family and friends with an open area living room, a fully furnished kitchen and two en-suite bedrooms with three beds in each.