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For those of you that require a little more adrenaline with their holiday, Lattitude’s unique quad expeditions follow century old elephant routes in Northern Kenya, passing through dry river beds, remote luggas, and pristine wilderness just begging to be explored. 

The all terrain workhorses allow you to explore vast swathes of the surrounding scenery whilst satisfying your sense of adventures. Hosted and guided by the charming and incredible knowledgeable Amory Macleod.  All bookings are taken on exclusive basis and we will tailor the safari to needs. 

Guests can be flown in to camp by fixed wing charter to our nearby airstrip, dropped into to camp by helicopter or transferred by road from neighboring lodge.  With a safety briefing completed on arrival your time will be spent etching your way through the sandy river beds and surrounding wilderness with the possibility of catching a glimpse of some of the dry country species such as Elephant, Gravy Zebra and Gerenuk  Encounters with the local nomadic pastoralist tribes whilst watering their livestock are not un-common giving you an insight into their age old culture and traditions. Guided walks are also a popular activity giving you the opportunity to see the smaller stuff often missed in vehicles or on quad bikes 

Set up in a dry riverbed under the shade of a grove of Acacia trees the camp – complete with all amenities – is comprised of raised sheer dome tents, a large dining tent and bar area, changing tents, bucket showers and short-drop loos. Exceptional food is prepared in the bush kitchen with three course meals enjoyed under the stars with a roaring camp fire nearby.  

Image Credits: Lattitude Adventures

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Melakos Banda open Now!

A secret gem.


Melako Bandas is a self-catering banda set in the shade of Doum Palms and acacia trees on a stunning sand river. It is a fantastic little private paradise; a perfect little gate away for family and friends with an open area living room, a fully furnished kitchen and two en-suite bedrooms with three beds in each.