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African Ascents has been in operation since 2012. The focus of the company is to create a unique trekking experience, first class guided technical climbing and professional rock-climbing experiences. Our expedition options are mainly focused around Mt Kenya and other locations within Kenya. Outside of Kenya we focus on Mt Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas. Our plan with the Himalayas is to take mountaineers from Africa to experience this mountain range. We aim to later run expeditions to The Ruwenzori’s and he Atlas Mountains.

The company was the creation of Julian Wright and Tom Gregory. Both experienced trekkers and climbers living on the slopes on Mt Kenya. Mt Kenya is a fantastic mountain for all types of mountaineers and trips can be designed around the specific requirements of each individual group. However, what makes Mt Kenya unique is the technical climbing, this is the best technical alpine climbing in Africa. Julian and Tom wanted to tell this to the world, and to let them know that this type of climbing is accessible to everyone with the right attitude and training.

Image Credits: African Ascents

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Melakos Banda open Now!

A secret gem.


Melako Bandas is a self-catering banda set in the shade of Doum Palms and acacia trees on a stunning sand river. It is a fantastic little private paradise; a perfect little gate away for family and friends with an open area living room, a fully furnished kitchen and two en-suite bedrooms with three beds in each.