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Koija Starbeds: A Magical Escape off the Beaten Track

Koija Starbeds: A Magical Escape off the Beaten Track

Few things can compare to spending a weekend in the Laikipia Bush. Maybe it is the vast landscapes, the starry skies, or the sights and sounds of nature and occasionally, a hyena laughing in the distance. I spent two nights at Koija Starbeds, and the trip was nothing short of magic.

Getting there

If you’re not pressed for time I would recommend spending the night in Nanyuki and heading out to Koija from there rather than waking up really early and driving from Nairobi. Here are some charming places you can stay at while in Nanyuki.

There’s an airstrip minutes away from Koija Starbeds if you prefer to fly.

Directions to Koija Community Starbeds

**Adapted from The Big North **

From Nairobi drive to Nanyuki or if using public means board a matatu to Nanyuki at Tea Room in Nairobi CBD. Upon arrival to Nanyuki town,



00   Turn left (When coming from Nairobi) or turn right (When coming from Isiolo/Meru side) at Total                          petrol station, off the main road from Nairobi onto the Doldol road

8.8   Turn right at Maiyan signpost

15.5  Ignore tarmarc on the right, carry on straight

22.0  Carry on straight past doldol post to the right, take the left

31.8  Straight on past EL K sign on the left

40.2  Cross bridge at Mpala

40.4  T-junction – turn left

41.0  Turn right at fork – Mpala on the left

47.9  Drive past radio mast station on the right

48.0  Stay left on the v- fork

52.4  Drive past the” wildlife go slow” sign

56.6  Drive past the Asante sign

59.2  Old white sign with black and yellow stripped polls on the right. Turn right immediately after the sign.

60.7  Stay on right fork, go under the electricity pylons, and follow the pylons which are on your left

65.8  Back under the pylons – you can now see a white shack on the right

66.8  Cross the bridge at Il motiok centre

67.7  Turn left onto a small dirt track

69.3  Riverbed

72.7  Left fork

73.0  Left onto a main dirt road

73.9  Riverbed

75.0  Water tank and a brick building (School like) on the left

78.4  Turn left

78.8  Turn left

79.0  Long sandy riverbed

83.2  Bear right

83.5  Koija Star Beds

The Journey

I left Nairobi at around 3:30 pm and arrived at Nanyuki at 7 pm. I used Nanyuki Express Cab and the prices range between Kshs.600 to Kshs.700. Read more

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