Camping checklist

Don’t know what to pack for a camping trip?

Below is a list of some recommended equipment to take on your camping trip. Some items are optional depending upon your comfort level but all items should be considered as part of your trip planning. It is extremely important that you are familiar with the safe operation of all items before you depart. Some general guidelines include:

Always let somebody know your plans before you go and when you are expected to return. Ensure you carry maps or appropriate navigational tools and know the emergency contact details for the area you are visiting.

Always keep your campsite clean and free from any rubbish or food waste to ensure no wild animals are attracted to your campsite. You must not leave any rubbish or waste upon your departure.

Always use caution with fire. Never leave a fire unattended and ensure it is completely extinguished before you leave your campsite. Ensure there is plenty of space around your fire free from long grass or overhanging trees. Never build a fire bigger than your immediate needs. Ensure your tents are placed well away from your fire and embers cannot blow into your equipment or long grass. Always keep a bucket of water close by to your fire. Try to dig a fire pit and ensure that it is completely covered after you leave unless a designated fireplace is provided. Never place metal or non-burnable waste in your fire. Only use dry, dead fall wood for your fire. No standing trees should ever be cut as this destroys the environment (and the living wood will not burn anyway!)

When nature calls please ensure all organic waste is buried and any paper or hygiene products are burnt or carried with the rest of your camp waste.

Always ensure you carry plenty of water both for drinking and also for washing and hygiene purposes. 

Melakos Banda open Now!

A secret gem.


Melako Bandas is a self-catering banda set in the shade of Doum Palms and acacia trees on a stunning sand river. It is a fantastic little private paradise; a perfect little gate away for family and friends with an open area living room, a fully furnished kitchen and two en-suite bedrooms with three beds in each.