Birding Extravaganza

Photo credit: Melinda Rees

The Big North is a bird watchers heaven.  With well over 200 species in the area you can spend days walking around the varied terrain in search of these beautiful animals.  With water hard to come by for most of the year, setting yourself up near a waterhole or along the river’s edge at our various camps and bandas will offer a wonderful opportunity to spot a huge variety of species.   

Walks with our rangers will also allow an exploration into the wilder and drier areas for specialist arid land bird species. 

Bring your binoculars, your bird books and your enthusiasm.  We would suggest a 4 night journey with a combination of  1 or 2 nights at Melako followed 1 or 2 nights at either Olgaboli Bandas or the Koija Starbeds.   

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