Nkoteiya Eco Lodge

Nkoteiya Eco Lodge is located on a rocky outcrop set high above the Ewaso Nyiro River.  With amazing views in every direction, the lodge offers the perfect location to sit, unwind and relax.  Raptors circle the lodge on the thermal winds; hyena laugh in the distance and you can watch the elephant traipse down to the river below.

Nkoteiya has a large and comfortable mess area which can be used to simply sit and relax but is also perfect for small groups to meet and have a small conference or a corporate retreat whilst still having access to an excellent phone signal.

We offer excellent conferencing facilities (fully equipped) for business groups of up to 20pax and a capacity of 100 pax for cinema. We can accommodate everything from small meetings, retreats, and anniversary groups

What our guests say…


Boji Dera, Nakuprat Gotu

Boji Dera is a beautiful campsite on the edge of the Ewaso Nyiro River close to the Boji Dera Spring with Doum Palm shade. This is a great location to explore the Gotu falls or the Magado crater in Nakuprat Gotu Community Conservancy. Access is via Shaba National Reserve


Surmat, Namunyak

Surmat campsite is tucked away up on top of the Mathews Ranges and is now easily accessible via a new road from Sereolipi. It is situated on a sand bank with a stream flowing close by. There is however limited shade and the space is best suited to a smaller group with a maximum of 2 vehicles. 


Sunyai, Naibunga

Sunyai is a beautiful campsite shaded by big old fig trees on a bend in a sand river. There are some interesting rock formations and gullies cut by the river which are ripe to be explored. Found in Naibunga Conservancy, Sunyai is another great spot to spend the weekend.